VT Christian Rock-toberfest

October 14th, 2017 – 7PM
North Avenue Alliance Church,
Burlington VT

VT Christian Music is proud to announce our very diverse line-up for this year’s VT Christian Rock-toberfest.  We have a little bit of everything for the whole family!Our headliners STARS GO DIM are an amazing break-out group now featuring two radio hit songs “You Are Loved” – which hit #1 last year on Christian Radio charts and “Walking Like Giants

Another up-and-coming artist MALLARY HOPE just released “NOW” – which is currently in the top 40 top Christian Radio charts.  With her fusion of “heart” and vocals with a little country twang, she’ll be a pleasant addition.

Our most unique feature this year is the addition of a Christian Comedian – Judy McDonald.  A truly family-friendly message, she jokes about her life, her parents and family and the constant struggle of living as a Christian in today’s world.

And we have a local up-state NY boy to help open-up the show – Frank Palangi.   With his strong Rock influence, booming voice, and poignant message – he is sure to ROCK the evening!

Ticket Prices:

$20/ea (groups of 10+)
$25/ea (general admission)
$30/ea (VIP)
children 7 and under free


Information available on the TICKETS page



Sometimes, the decision to stop…starts everything.

It’s exactly the situation Chris Cleveland found himself in when the previous iteration of his band Stars Go Dim came to a close. What started out as a simple side project, became a successful recording and touring entity, all while Cleveland maintained his “day job” working as a worship leader at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As the original SGD began to fade, everyday life became more and more integrated into Cleveland’s reality and norm –marriage, two kids, a steady job – a sense of newness and contentment.

While Chris knew that music would always be a part of his life, in the stillness of the moment, when touring was no longer his career, he was more able to get focused on the role music would and should have in his life moving forward.

And that’s when everything started.

And now, here’s what Stars Go Dim is in 2015 and moving into the future: an immersion of modern pop, infused with both deep meaning and well-honed fun, merging layers of guitars, keys, loops and percussion to convey timeless messages

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Mallary grew up in Dalton, Georgia and by the age of sixteen had a loyal following for her music. Now, well into her career as a singer/songwriter, Mallary is transparent about the joy she experiences when a new song hits radio, posting this on her Instagram: “I’m totally crying sitting at Starbucks! In my 12+ years of trying, I’ve never actually caught myself on the radio like this… Thank you Air1 Radio for giving my song “NOW” a chance.” 

More information, visit

 has been a professional comedian for the past 22 years and a Catholic all her life. 
She has shared her unique way of evangelizing on television, radio, military bases, conferences, comedy clubs, and parishes all over the world.  Judy’s comedy and talks resonate with young and old alike and for groups as big as 30K to as little as 12 (12 worked for Jesus).More information, visit

FRANK PALANGI‘s creativity is freshly fueled with a kick of modern rock and a hint of old school good stuff.   Grounded from a solid support system from his upbringing, his motivation is focused not by the temptations of partying every day and every night. Growing up he had to adapt to medical illnesses that impacted his lifestyle, but he took what could of been a negative and rerouted it into a strength. – ” I have no plan b in backing down on my dreams” – Frank PalangiMore information, visit